• Model: LED parking sensor with LED display
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Parking Aid System
Auto Reverse Detector With Digital Display  & Step Up alarm
Intelligent all-direction color display distance and directions
Two different sound systems indicate front and rear obstacle distance accurately
Multiple-angle sensor detecting obstacle distance accurately
Working well in good and bad weather, strong anti-disturbing circuit design for excellent safety and performance
Super slim embedded design
Various colors and types sensors for choice, efficient detecting distance with 1.5 meters
3-digital with 3 colors 7 lights display the distance
The indicator light direct the left, middle and right
Detector type: Drilling or stick-on
Sensor number: 2~8 pcs
On backing the car, the rear sensors detect obstacles behind the car automatically
Stage-by-stage Bi Bi sound alarm to avoid colliding
Versatile detection range
Sensor types for optional
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