• Model: Intelligently flip up shell shape tpms-K1
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Product Description
Things you are interested in: 
1.Recommended use for Cars, 4WD's, Light Commercial vehicle (Measures up to 3.5Bar/50Psi)
2.TPMS-K1 solar tpms avaiable for 4 tires vehicle.
3.By the monitor, the user can monitor and understand the status of their tires thus ensuring they are always well maintained.
4.Correct tire pressure ensures fuel efficiency, reduces tire wear and the risk of aquaplaning and lack of traction. Normally all the necessary check-ups cost time, effort and money.
Key features: 
-The monitor automatically flips up/down according to working environment.
-DIY installation, no need to connect cable/cigarette lighter.
-High-definitin colorful LCD display, show tire pressure and temperature at the same page.
-Immediately alert when tire pressure and temperature under abnormal condition.
-Visual and audible warning, intelligent sheeping mode to save power.
-Display will automatically flip up/down according to the working environment.
Techincal parameters: 
-Display working voltage:5V
-The default alarm settings
-High Pressure:3.0bar/43psi
-Low Pressure:2.0bar/29psi
-High Temperature:68℃
-Operating temperature range: -20 deg to 70 deg C 
-Weight : 39g
- Size: 20*75mm
- Operating temperature range: -40 deg to 80 deg C
- Battery Lifespan: Approx. 5 years. It depends on the driving mileage.
-System frequency at 433 MHz
- Sensor pressure range 0-3.5Bar/50Psi
- Sensor pressure sensitivity ± 0.1Bar/1.5 psi
- Sensor temperature sensitivity ±2 deg C
- Transmission length: Approx. 7M
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